Fatigue / Soreness in Daily Metrics

Discussion in 'Cycling Training' started by FelixKrull, Sep 20, 2009.

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    Hello i have a q concerning the Daily Metrics of the Trainingpeaks Dashboard:

    May be its just because of a lack of English Knowledge, but I dont get the exact meaning and Difference between the two metrics Soreness and Fatigue..

    i would interpret them like this, but i m not quite shure. just want to be doing things right when dokumenting my metrics :)

    Soreness: how much pain you feel in your leg-muscles (aching muscles...) i normaly check that out while walking stairs or lifting a leg while sitting on a chair

    Fatigue: how tired am i overall, how noodled do i feel? Impacts from Work, sleep, Training, Daily hassle...

    or would fatigue meam only muscular fatigue? so i this case i would not get the difference to soreness...

    thanks for helping a confuses swiss-guy :)


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    Aug 8, 2006
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    Would say you're exactly right in your interpretation of soreness vs fatigue. Fatigue is the overall feeling of tiredness and lack of energy, while soreness refers to dull aching muscle pain.

    And I'm feeling both today, after riding 109 rainy miles in the annual club century yesterday. My legs, arms, back and neck are all somewhat sore, and I'm so fatigued I don't feel like don't anything but resting all day.

    PS: your english is great; much better than my German (or Italian).