Fatty needs a Bikey


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Apr 9, 2012
Hello all forum users. New to the forums, but not new to the bike life. I use to be really into it back in 2000, had a Norco Sasquatch, and a VPS Shore. I was healthy, fit, muscular and young. Now i am 40, hitting the scale at a sleek 360 and i NEED and WANT to get healthy again! That is what 10 years driving a 18 wheeler will do to you. I was around 220 in 2000. I LOVED my Sasquatch. It was great single track bike. Never put a penny into it. The Shore was a lot more expensive yet i never got use tot he bounce it had as i rode. I am looking to get a new bike, hardtail (as i think a dual suspension would not hold my weight) with a front suspension. I am looking at numerous Trek and Giant bikes here in my city. No Norco unfortunately :(

I could use advice on what will actually hold my weight as i rip thru the trails like i was 29 again. In due time ofcourse. I am looking around a 700 dollar bike, front suspension, hardtail. Also, what is more important, very good rims or an all around combination. ANY suggestions would be appreciated!!! Thx!
If you are looking for a nice hardtail, the Giant Talon series has a nice durable frame and is in your price range. Also the Specialized Rockhopper can hold its own pretty nicely. Lastly, the Cannondale Trail SL4 and other "Trail" bikes are are very nice and can be extremely durable! The stock wheels on em can be pretty rugged as well!