Fausto Coppi KP1 Altec 2 Frame

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    I bought this frame in a 58cm in summer 2000. Of course Masciaeti make the frames.I have done about 2000 miles on this frame in 4 years. Not a lot. What I need is feedback from other cyclists who have used this frame. How much did you pay for it? How does it compare to American frames such as Cannondales ( I also have a CAD3 frame built with Ultegra and FSA 400 wheels), Treks and Kleins etc.
    Have you weighed your frame and forks? A misleading advert in 2000 placed the frame at 1100g and the forks at 380g. I weighed a 56cm KP1 in Barcelona this week and with uncut fork it was 1675g which is pretty good compared to De Rosa, Pinarello and Colnago (if you rate Coppis close to this range). How does your Coppi ride? What problems or issues have you had? Or is it simply a joy? I place my frame and fork at 1800g. (not bad for a 58cm).
    At the moment I have it built with Chorus 10 (2000) with Record carbon brakes. Rolf Vector Pro wheelset. Easton 70 stem and deda element bars. SLR saddle and alien use post finised with pro race/light combo. Surprisingly it weighs in at 8.375g with computer, 2 cages etc. My Cannondale with Ultegra nad FSA400 wheelset with the rest more or less the same is 7600g. Apart from the wheelset I really dont know where all that excess 800g is? And I am not going to spend $2000 in reducing it? So any ideas would be great. Yes I could get a Eurus wheelset or RD600 FSA or Rolf Vigor and pay $500-1000 but the Rolf Pros are amazing in the sprint, chronos and just winding up.
    So tell me your KP1 exepriences. I have never seen this frameset on the road anywhere. My personal riding experince is that it is very still. It accelrates rapidly no flex or percievable loss of energy. The Rolf Pro's must help here. On climbs it dances even though the bike weighs 8.375kg. On descents it is razor sharp and cuts through corners like a knife but not very forgiving when changing line. The front end is a bit light and can lift when really pulling away from lights. Those michelin pro race/light tyres are great for minimal resistance. Just pedal ad go. The bike winds up.