Favorite race?



What's your favorite professional race to watch on tv or read about on the internet or magazines? For me, the first Sunday in April every year is very special, it's better than Christmas actually. Why? De Ronde van Vlaanderen!! Tour of Flanders!! Runner up is Paris-Roubaix seven days later.
Paris-Roubaix rocks! its one of the few races we can actually watch on TV here in Australia ;D

I like like the TDF when they're in the mountains :)

We don't see much European Racing here in SA. If they broadcast it via satellite (DSTV), then we'll see it, otherwise, forget it. :mad:
We did get a major TDF broadcast this year. Almost four hours a day! I recorded many of the stages and watch them again and again. I still have the vid where Ullrich rode over into the ditch, and where Lance gave him the "look" and then accelerated away.
We only get TdF highlights over here :( However, I was able to watch in-depth coverage of the Vuelta since we get Spanish TV on cable. Was also able to watch good coverage of the Giro during my visit to the US where they get OLN (lucky people!). Judging from what I've read, I'm pretty sure the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix would be a blast to watch!
We did get a major TDF broadcast this year. Almost four hours a day! I recorded many of the stages and watch them again and again.
We have recorded the TDF every year since 1994 ;D
You poor people :'( It's a shame that you can't see the spring classics on tv in your countries, they're simply the best! Flanders, Roubaix, Liègè, San Remo, Amstel, Het Volk.....
[rant] I can tell you why we don't get to see these races, but I'll refrain [/rant] :mad:
I come from Denmark and the only races you can see is the Tour otherwise you need caple or satelite, but if you got that it's all open
And allmost all the time flat normaly in tour of denmark it's the sidewind that desides it
Nielsh, have you participated in any of the major races in Denmark before?
Should have seen the press here in the UK when home boy Robert Millar won the Tour of Denmark! No-one even knew it existed before ::).

PS: I would like to point out I'm a South African in the UK.... ;)
Ronde van Vlaanderen and Paris-Roubaix (plus all the other spring classics) are my favorites.
I'm not that much into the GT's. They are usually one week of boring flat stages for the sprinters (okay, this years TdF was different), 2 or 3 mountain stages that decide the race and then another week of racing that has hardly any influence on the final top 10 positions.
i like the spring Classics,also the Vuelta.TDF boring.
Greece wheather is perfect for cycling.Come here to take the Brevets for Paris-Brest-Paris.
Ronde van Vlaanderen and Paris-Roubaix are the best races to watch on TV. I use internet to get results from amateur races and smaller professional races.

I have this channel called Eurosport:D and I'm pretty happy with it. "Unfortunately" we have it in finnish, because I like David Duffields broadcast(is that a right word?)

I was in Belgium last spring and "De Ronde" is huge there.