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  1. well I felt like finding out good places to ride if I ever in different
    places and this sounded like a good way to do that so.............

    what are your favourite places to ride in your home town or if you have
    trails post the name of them if they have one those too

    p.s mine is any of the northshore trails and the sea wall in vancouver
    when doin trials:D

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  2. James_Potter

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    Mine is always the same:

    My house to my friends house, about 100 meters away

    We both ride to the other friend's house, about .5 miles away

    All three of us ride to East City Park, about .5 more miles away, and do
    some riding there for a bit, climb on top of the stage and spit off the

    Then we ride to the 1912 Building, about .25 miles away, which has a ton
    of walls, stairs, etc. so we play there for a bit

    Then we go to the Food Co op and see what they have in the free bin,
    usually a baguette, even though it's often stale

    Then we go to the dumpster behind Good Will, now we have to make it
    quick because the cops are always telling us to leave when they see us

    Then we ride to the U of I campus, call my other friend on one of the
    free pay phones (yeah), and he's there in about fifteen minutes

    Then we ride around the U of I campus, doing a ton of trials for a few

    A few hours later, we ride back, the end. Or sometimes call our mommy's,
    if it's cold or we're tired or injured.

    You asked.... :D

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  3. Catboy

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    'HERE IS A SITE' (http://www.dirtworld.com/trails/traillist.asp?id=33)
    that lists all of the trails in Nevada.

    I plan on checking out the 'PINENUT TRAIL' (http://tinyurl.com/3qtno)
    soo, as it has tons of different tracks and has been reccomended to me
    by a good friend of mine who also does muni. But the 'PEAVINE PEAK LOOP'
    (http://tinyurl.com/5j8fq) and the 'NORTHGATE'
    (http://tinyurl.com/4n2jp) trails are my favorite.

    P.S. the trails at CMW were pretty awesome. I am hoping toget back in
    touch with Lloyd so we could ride sometime.

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  4. GizmoDuck

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    Not local, but Skippers Canyon in Queenstown is the best singeltrack I
    have ever ridden. Ride/Drive up the road (pictured), then 45min descent
    (on a bike, not tried it on a unicycle yet) on a singletrack next to the
    road. It's a scary drive to the top, as there's a cliff on one side.

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  6. johnfoss

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    James Potter's description inspired me to think of stuff other than dirt
    trails. So here's a "ride" I used to do, often with Bradley Bradley, way
    back around 1981:

    Start from my house Ride up my dirt street to the Livonia (Michigan)
    Mall (0.3 mile).

    Ride across the front of the mall, using posts in front of one section
    as a high-speed slalom. In front of Sears, use the wood borders on the
    flowerbeds as curbs to ride on (0.1).

    Continue around the east side of the mall, across the parking lot, and
    head north on Middlebelt. Ride on curbs and driveways as they come along

    Turn right at Clarenceville High Shool. Cross the parking lot and enter
    the track. You have just ridden about a mile, and are warmed up. Do some
    stretches, break out the stopwatch, and begin the track training
    - Ride a mile (4 laps) as fast as you possibly can.
    - Don't stop. Take a lap or two to cool down, and see what the watch
    - Then do a lap riding with one foot.
    - Then do a lap with the other foot.
    - Then do a lap backwards.
    - Then, if you're feeling a little like a masochist, try a lap backwards
    one-foot, or a lap walking the wheel. Partial laps of these are okay.
    - Then practice the 100m race, with stopwatch, until you get bored.
    - Then practice the short stuff, like one-foot, wheel walk and slow,
    again as time allows, or until you get bored.
    - Before leaving, time yourself in the 200m race, then head out the gate
    and back home (morning), or to Savino's Ice Cream for a cold drink

    During the spring of 1981, this fun ride was done before school (not
    Clarenceville; a different one), at around 6:00am.

    NOTE: We actualy raced yards in those days, not meters. The mile has
    become 1600m, then 1500, and now 800. The 200 has become the 400.

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