Favourite Underappreciated Guitarist


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Mar 17, 2006
mike campbell of tom petty and the heartbreakers. his compact lead work and arpeggios and a bit of great teamwork with benmont tench put campbell at the top of my list. i suppose this is as much a bit of praise to the heartbreakers as well, as they strike me as the definitive "band"--a group that works together to benefit the whole effort, or a group where the sum is greater than the parts.
Too damn many to choose from...

Jon Petrucci - Dream Theatre
Richie Sambora - Bon Jovi
Reb Beach - Winger
Tommy Shaw - Styx (Yea a little more laid back...but a solid guitar player)
Brent Taritas - A friend of mine from the band Rhythm Method....Great young player
The late Dave Dettlaff of Rhythm Method
right. seems we need to make it clear that the question at hand requires a selection of one's favourite under appreciated guitarist, not a shopping list of one's favourite under appreciated guitarists.
I almost find it too difficult to pick from all the great guitarists of the present and past....but if I was forced to I would have to say:

Jon Petrucci - Dream Theatre

He was a master at playing the instrument almost to the point of being a perfectionist
I know...I know...you said only one, but I think Brad Gillis (Night Ranger) was underrated.

His sweep arpeggio and taps were before it's time.

I'm done now...I think.
I don't know that I can name my favorite, but I will say that Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys is one of my favorites. Another would be bassist Kim Deal of the Pixies and The Breeders.
Garry Moore wasn't unappreciated, but I was a bit ****** off at how his death went largely unnoticed in Australia