FDA looks into anti-depressants administered to kids

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  1. I hope they finally do a good and honest job in their investigation, as it turned out that many
    children become suicidal after they take anti-depressants.

    I did some more legal reading and found below in regards of anti-psychoric drugs. The cases were
    mainly about that the government has no right to force psychiatric drugs on anybody, esp. not
    anybody not violent and how much those drugs change the personality and endanger people.

    I believe the same applies also for people that are not waiting for a trail or are incarcerated.
    Psychiatric drugs are dangerous, might they be anti-psychiatric drugs or anti-depressants or
    whatever drugs. The FDA currently is investigating in anti-depressants drive kids into suicide. I
    can't imagine that they are only dangerous to children.

    Other ways must be found to handle those problems. Most importantly, psychiatry failed to
    investigate that those "disorders" are man-made, and how they are being man made. They don't
    investigate as secret mindcontrol, talking into people's subconcious minds to make them depressed,
    hyperactive, crazy and whatever, is also a psychiatric invention.

    It is a fundamental assumption of the adversary system that the trier of fact observes the accused
    throughout the trial. At all stages of the proceedings, the defendant's behavior, manner, facial
    expressions, and emotional responses, or their absence, combine to make an overall impression on the
    trier of fact. The side effects of antipsychotic drugs may alter demeanor in a way that will
    prejudice all facets of the defense. Serious due process concerns are implicated when the government
    manipulates the evidence this way.

    Moreover, "[t]he side effects of antipsychotic drugs can hamper the attorney-client relation,
    preventing effective communication and rendering the defendant less able or willing to take part in
    his defense. The State interferes with this relation when it administers a drug to dull cognition."
    Riggins, 504 U.S. at 143-44 (Kennedy, J., concurring) at 144. If the antipsychotic medications
    forcibly administered to a Defendant cause him to be unable to express remorse for his actions or to
    control his facial expressions at trial, or to fully communicate with his attorneys, the fairness of
    the trial may rightly be doubted. Id. at 144.

    Because these potential effects on the pretrial detainee call into question the fairness of the
    trial, the government's interest in a fair and impartial trial is compromised. More importantly,
    because the government's interest is in administering a fair and impartial trial, the government
    should be required to bear the burden of demonstrating that its forcible administration of
    antipsychotic drugs on a pretrial detainee for the purpose of restoring his competency will not
    cause the types of side effects discussed above that could result in a prejudiced trial. If the
    government cannot make such a showing, then it has failed to assert a compelling government interest
    that violates the pretrial detainee's fundamental rights.

    Barbara Schwarz (the only real one)

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