Fee-Demo Bill HR 3283 is **you PAY for WALKING**:

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    OPPOSE any version of HR 3283 or pay for walking !
    * SUPPORT S.1107 to end the Fee-Demo program *

    On September 19, 2004, from
    Scott Silver, at [email protected] from
    Wild Wilderness http://www.wildwilderness.org and
    Bob Bartsch at [email protected]> from
    Free our Forests http://www.freeourforests.org and
    Jon at [email protected] from the
    Arizona No-Fee Coalition http://www.aznofee.org

    Subject: Adventure Pass/Fee Demo

    Fee-Demo "show-time" is coming up ....Wednesday AM, 09-24-04

    The fate of Fee-Demo is now balanced upon a knife edge and that
    the issue is likely to soon topple one way or the other. A major push by
    opponents of Fee-Demo could win the issue and get rid of it for good.
    Failing to push will result in passage of the Fee-Demo bill & *YOU PAY!*

    For those unable to call or FAX Congress but who want to help, we've
    a quick and easy opportunity just for you. {lease send our friends
    [email protected] or [email protected] , or to the
    Arizona No-Fee Coalition www.aznofee.org a short message containing
    your concerns and they'll distribute your message for you. ---the service
    is FREE. Read on for full details and thank you all, once again, for your help.


    ---------- BEGIN ALERT ------------

    For the past two months, leaders of the NoFee Movement have been
    communicating with the House Resources Committee in an effort to limit the
    scope of Representative Regula's bill to make recreation fees permanent (HR
    3283) and to come up with much better language than was written into the
    original bill. Likewise, the Bush Administration and the recreation industry
    have been communicating with this Committee in an effort to create a bill
    that was even more to their liking. Not surprisingly, the other side has won
    that round and as a result, a newly revised 42-page version of Regula's HR
    3283 is headed for markup this Wednesday, September 22nd.

    "Markup" is where the full House Resources Committee votes on sending a bill
    to the House floor for a vote. The Committee may send the bill on as it was
    written, they may amend it, or they may reject it altogether. Our position
    is, the Committee should reject the bill and NOT send it on for a floor

    New and very bad language will be offered on Wednesday in the form of an
    amendment. That amendment will almost certainly include permanent authority
    to charge "Basic" or "Standard" Fees for the recreational use of your public
    lands, will propose the creation of an "America The Beautiful" National
    Pass, will establish Advisory committees capable of rubber stamping fee
    areas, and will provide a wide range of harmful incentives that will
    encourage land managers to look upon you as being nothing more than their

    Almost all of the 24 Democratic Committee members are expected to oppose the
    new HR 3283 amendment. A great many of the 28 Republican Committee members
    are expected to support that amendment. Our job is to encourage as many
    Republican members as possible to vote against this bill/amendment.

    Listed below is all the information you will need. Please call and/or fax
    these legislators between now and Wednesday morning. This is the only
    opportunity our side will have to register disapproval of this permanent
    recreation fee legislation. We don't have an army of lobbyists, but we do
    have you and thousands like you. Together we've made a difference before.
    We can do it again. We can win this fight and after seven years of fighting
    Fee Demo, this will be a decisive week.

    Please ask each legislator, at markup on Wednesday, to oppose any version of
    HR 3283 that allows for the charging of "Basic" or "Standard" fees, to
    oppose the issuance of a National Recreation Pass and to oppose
    authorization of any Fee Advisory Committees. Ask them to support the
    language contained in the Senate Bill S.1107 or to end the program
    completely. S1107 would make fees permanent for ONLY the National Parks
    Service and would allow fees to lapse for the other agencies.

    It's a simple message and, believe it or not, 32 phone calls to the list
    below can take as little as 20 minutes of your time Monday or Tuesday.

    Please call/fax all the Republican House Resources Committee members listed
    below. If your time is limited, make sure to contact Committee chair Pombo
    and legislators from your home state, at least. (If you can only call a
    few, please pick them at random so those at the top of the list don't get
    more calls than those lower down.) Four key Democratic Committee members,
    including minority chair Rahall (who supports us strongly) are listed below.
    Please contact all of these persons, if you can.

    If all of us make calls and send faxes, it is possible to stop HR 3283!
    Thank you for your continuing efforts to help stop Fee Demo.



    * If you have no easy access to a fax machine,
    * please prepare your letter addressed to
    *"Dear Representative" and go to www.aznofee.org.
    *Starting 09-19-04 afternoon, that webpage will tell
    *you how to email your letter to the Arizona No Fee
    *Coalition. They will then send it on electronically, at
    *no cost or time to you, to all the legislators below.
    *(Our thanks to the Arizona No Fee Coalition.)


    ((NOTE: faxes will generally go through more easily AFTER office hours in

    ALL NUMBERS BELOW, *** AREA CODE (202) ***
    House Resources Committee - Republican Members

    CHAIR Pombo, Richard - CA
    Ph: 225-2761 or 225-1947 Fax: 225-5929

    Bishop, Rob - UT
    Ph: 225-0453 Fax: 225-5857

    Calvert, Ken - CA
    Ph: 225-1986 Fax: 225-2004

    Cannon, Chris - UT
    Ph: 225- 7751 Fax: 225-5629

    Cole, Tom - OK
    Ph: 225-6165 Fax: 225-3512

    Cubin, Barbara - WY
    Ph: 225-2311 Fax: 225-3057

    Duncan, Jr., John - TN
    Ph: 225-5435 Fax: 225-6440

    Flake, Jeff - AZ
    Ph: 225-2635 Fax: 226-4386

    Gallegly, Elton - CA
    Ph: 225-5811 Fax: 225-1100

    Gibbons, Jim - NV
    Ph: 225-6155 Fax: 225-5679

    Gilchrest, Wayne - MD
    Ph: 225-5311 Fax: 225-0254

    Hayworth, J.D. - AZ
    Ph: 225-2190 Fax: 225-3263

    Jones, Walter - NC
    Ph: 225-3415 Fax: 225-3286

    McInnis, Scott - CO
    Ph: 225-4761 Fax: 226-0622

    Nunes, Devin - CA
    Ph: 225-2523 Fax: 225-3404

    Osborne, Tom - NE
    Ph: 225-6435 Fax: 226-1385

    Pearce, Stevan - NM
    Ph: 225-2365 Fax: 225-9599

    Peterson, John - PA
    Ph: 225-5121 Fax: 225-5796

    Putnam, Adam - FL
    Ph: 225-1252 Fax: 226-0585

    Radanovich, George - CA
    Ph: 225-4540 Fax: 225-3402

    Rehberg, Dennis - MT
    Ph: 225-3211 Fax: 225-5687

    Renzi, Rick - AZ
    Ph: 225-2315 Fax: 226-9739

    Saxton, Jim - NJ
    Ph: 225-4765 Fax: 225-0778

    Souder, Mark - IN
    Ph: 225-4436 Fax: 225-3479

    Tancredo, Thomas - CO
    Ph: 225-7882 Fax: 226-4623

    Tauzin, W.J. (Billy) - LA
    Ph: 225-4031 Fax: 225-0563

    Walden, Greg - OR
    Ph: 225-6730 Fax: 225-5774

    Young, Don - AK
    Ph: 225-5765 Fax: 225-0425

    House Resources Committee - Key Democrat Members

    CHAIR Rahall, Nick - WV
    Ph: 225-3452 or 225-6065 Fax: 225-9061 or

    Baca, Joe - CA
    Ph: 225-6161 Fax: 225-8671

    Cardoza, Dennis - CA
    Ph: 225-6131 Fax: 225-0819

    Udall, Mark - CO
    Ph: 225-2161 Fax: 226-7840