Feedback on heart rate monitor

Anna Adam

New Member
Jan 9, 2019
Looking for suggestions about the heart rate monitor? How does it help? What are the benefits associated with it? Does it really help us when cycling? If someone could elaborate on this, would be easier for me to make a decision.
Before buying any heart rate monitor you need to look at two main factors; the type of monitor, and the features each monitor possesses.

there are two types of heart rate monitors.
1) chest strap
2) wrist strap (watch)

Basically, a heart monitor sensor helps in determining resting heart rate and using heart rate tracking to help them improve or track their fitness.
When you are measuring your resting heart rate, a few BPM one way or another won't make much of a difference, but you want to determine if you are in a healthy heart rate range. Similarly, when tracking your fitness, your actual BPM is less important than getting into your target heart rate zone.
Check this out for some information on training with a heart rate monitor.