Feedback wanted on CycleTote trailers (security)


Robert Hayden

I want to get a CycleTote trailer for a worldwide tour I'm planning.
I appreciate if anyone can write me with their feedback on these:

Specifically, I'm concerned about finding a way to lock up my cargo if
I ever do need to leave it unattended: I have a Kryptonite U-Lock for
the trailer itself... but I'd like to consider ways to contain cargo
that are more secure than a steel-wire "Pac Safe".

I was considering asking the company to build a trailer with an extra
"cage-style" lid for the aluminum frame, so I can lock the contents
inside -- thus foiling any thief with a mere bolt cutter.
Don't know if the company's ever done a special request like that, or
if it's just too heavy. Any other ideas?

Anyway, please let me know if you have touring experience with one of
these trailers, and the best way to handle the security issue.