Feel heartrates above 179?


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Mar 9, 2005
I've been experiencing a weird (but good) feeling every time my heartrate goves above 179.. I feel this sort of clean, looking for oxygen feel in my lungs and then I look at my HR Monitor (Polar) and it is always when I am going above 179 or so, for more than 10 minutes.
Anyone know what this is? If I continue for 10 minutes or more, I get a tingling in my hands. Feels like sprinting (I used to compete running). Is this my Lactate Threshold?
If so, what can I do to increase it (i.e., exercise for longer without reaching this plateau)?
Any pointers would be appreciated.
Sounds like you are on the edge of a NDE. Any white light and tunnel?? :eek:

(NDE= Near Death Experience)

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