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Jan 1, 2003
G'day,<br /><br />Following on from my previous post regarding buying a first bike, I have come across Felt Bikes. They have a couple of models in my price range, namely the F85 and F95. Has anyone had any experience with these bikes? Any coments good or bad would be appreciated.<br /><br />Jason
Hi<br /><br />Didn't know they made roadbikes. We only see them as mtb here in Denmark. I couldn't find any review of these bikes. The closest I came was a review of some tyres where one of the reviewers is riding a Felt F75. I'm sure he'll be happy to share his experiences with you if you drop him a kind word.<br /><br />http://www.roadbikereview.com/pscWheels/Tires/Continental,Sport,1000,/PRD_104048_2489crx.aspx<br /><br />You should be able to sent a message by pushing the reviewers name which appears on the top of each review.<br /><br />Good luck
felt bicycles have been around for a while. the F45 is supposed to be a great bike/value, don't know about the models you mentioned. I know a couple of people that ride felt road bikes, but I mostly see the triathlon models.
Excellent construction and materials. The frames are anadized rather than painted to save more weight. <br /><br />Excellent value.
I came across these as well and I've narrowed my search down to a Felt and a Specialized. I wish I knew more about the Felt. Don't know anyone whose had any personal experiences with them.
I've ridden a Felt F45R for over a year with 4000+ miles. I've had no problems and been overly happy with it. I was interested in alum frames because their lightweight and comparatively cheap next to ti. I found the Felt handled great, was lightweight, and more comfortable than the more expensive competitors like Trek and Cannondale. Plus it looks good and there's not a million of them on the road. What else...
I replaced the saddle and handlebars in the name of weight and carbon comfort - both were good choices. I'm replacing the wheelset (Mavic Cosmic Elites) because their damned heavy, after I get the syrium sl's, I expect the bike to weigh in around 16.5 lbs - not bad considering the ~$1500 for a full ultegra bike.
i had a felt. It was real light but not super stiff. Its a personal thing I guess. Go with what you like, who cares what others think, you have to be happy with it.
Just Picked up my Felt today! Great bike, so far (10 miles broken in). Thanks for all your advice!!!
I bought a Felt F15 in the fall. It was only 6 months used, but I guessed from it's condition it had seen some serious miles. I've got 1500 miles on it and am very, very pleased so far. Good construction, stiff ride, Dura Ace package, and a good price. I strongly recommend looking into Felt.
The aluminum bikes are super light these days, but at the expense of the tube thickness. Cannondale CAAD 7 dents real easy. Has Felt got thin tubing also to reduce the weight?

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