Female Cyclist need for Cycling Trip to Italy

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    Apr 21, 2004
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    My name is Carrie Panek from Granfondo Cycling Tours.
    We are taking a group over to ride in Northern Italy and to participate in 2 Italian run Granfondo rides,
    June 7 to June 21, 2004
    We need to find one more female cyclist to share a room.
    The Cost of the trip is $2895
    We would like to offer you girls a $200 discount.

    Take a look at the web site

    If one of your members is interested in going please have them contact us ASAP.

    Our Tour includes:

    15 days 14 nights fully supported with accommodations
    ? 2 official Italian sponsored Granfondo cycling events
    ? Epic rides in different regions of northern Italy
    ? Tour the cities of Verona and Venice
    ? Follow vehicles for long rides and Granfondo Events
    ? Pick-up from and Drop-off to the airport
    ? Long term luggage and bike case storage
    ? Bike mechanic with spare parts
    ? Breakfasts and dinners included

    Thank you for your help,

    Carrie Ann Panek
    Email: [email protected]