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I've wound tinsel round the rack, lights and flagpole on the bent (making sure to leave the lights
showing - all seven of them). The miserable bastards in the Morning Hate[1] were just as aggressive
and tedious as ever, but the Evening Hate was much more pleasant - several people hooted and waved.
Which was nice.

[1] Expression nicked from World War I, which I'm assured is no longer using it.

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On Thu, 19 Dec 2002
(2.3 zulu-alpha) [comms room new build] <[email protected]> wrote:
> || I bought my bike in the UK, but it is a Dutch bike and the levers are the wrng way round. I'd
> || fix it but it has hydraulic discs, so I'll get the shop to do it next time I'm there.
> hmm - the shop actually committed an offence by selling it! According to the statutory instrument
> which enforces BS6102, all bikes sold in the UK *must* have the brake levers in the "British"
> positions and Trading Standards can take action if bikes are sold with these the wrong way round!

Probably not. If the shop left the pedals off then legally it wasn't a bike, it was a collection of
bicycle parts and none of the regs about sale of bikes would apply.

regards, Ian SMith
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