FIAC adopts racing rules for NPS series

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Les Earnest

March 1, 2003 -The board of directors of the Federation of Independent Associations for Cycling
(FIAC) today adopted racing rules covering road, track and cyclocross. Mountain bike rules will be
added later. FIAC member associations are free to use whatever rules they wish for most events but
FIAC racing rules will be used in all National Points Series (NPS) races, which are listed at .

FIAC racing rules are available on-line at In the interest of
simplicity, these rules do not include administrative matters such as rider categorization
procedures, race permit processes, official race announcement contents, field limits, rider clothing
or rider numbers. Those issues will be covered by separate regulations.

- FIAC Board of Directors (Mike Murray, Les Earnest, Bob Lundberg, Beth Wrenn-Estes)
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