Filippo Simeoni



As an American with Italian heritage, nothing disgusts me more than an Italian
acting like a whining, crying wimp. Hey Filippo. If you want some money just
work on the spin a little in the off season
Robert Chung wrote:
The trial of acclaimed Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk on charges of
insulting his nation, has been suspended minutes after his first court


A court in Saudi Arabia has been criticised for sentencing a teacher to
over three years in prison and 750 lashes for mocking Islam.

Mr Harbi discussed Christianity, Judaism and the dangers of terrorism
with students, and posted signs against terrorism around his school,
Human Rights Watch says.

If I was Lance I'd be very very worried! Or maybe getting my lawyer to
point out the hypocrisy of ripping other countries for prosecuting
people based on insults when I'm looking at 6 years in jail in one of
those outraged countries for much less.
Bill C