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  1. THX to Andrew Morton we at long last are just now getting you our Final 2003 report. Apologies in
    advance if you've unsubscribed in the past as we have made what we feel is the last switch in this
    regard. If you want to be removed, there is a link at the bottom you can use to do so. So now with
    all of our pictures and names and etc in place, here is how our NBG summer ended:

    Story in Pictures: Festival -
    Mayors' Rides -

    The Santa Cruz NBG Bike Fest that took place Sunday August 17 was a fitting reward for all those
    cyclists who gave of their time, resources and other efforts and energies to more firmly establish
    our second annual National Mayors' Ride as a yearly two wheel institution. As it celebrated our long
    haul cyclists, it also served as a fitting backdrop to Congressman Sam Farr and Santa Cruz Mayor
    Emily Reilly 0752 both of
    whom did an inspiring job of validating our efforts. And despite the fact that our near flawless
    production was under attended (1500 people throughout the day), it drove home the message that our
    Mayors' Rides are there to communicate that cycling is is not just about recreation and fun in those
    areas where cars do not exist, but that two (and three) wheel travel is a needed and important way
    to connect population centers.

    Our festival also served to underscore the fact that we have not even scratched surface in this
    regard. From the stage I talked about the fact that Skot Pascchal couldn't safely make the
    300 mile connection on those remote roads that stood between Arcata and Chico because of unsafe
    conditions and then Bill Haluzak of Bicycles by Haluzak in Santa Rosa could
    not find a rider to bike a mere 46 miles to get to Napa from Santa Rosa because off the danger
    factor there as well. And all of the performers, volunteers , NBG relay cyclists that were there
    (here is our entire 2003 roster:,
    exhibitors and guests could be seen nodding their heads as I held up these examples to indeed prove
    that there was something very wrong with the way we move ourselves around.

    First up on the stage was Ruby Rudman's 0460 very practiced
    rendition of the National Anthem. She was only up for five minutes, but from the back of the
    performance platform as I looked out on the morning crowd that had already assembled, I could see
    the authority that her words commanded from most everyone I saw. Heads bowed and hands were crossed
    over hearts as all of us were privy to a performance that easily could have opened a Super Bowl or
    really any televised sport anywhere.

    Soon Ruby was followed by another professional of the highest order - Prince Lawsha
    0722 . A world class jazz drummer, Prince sang a most memorable version of "Amazing Grace" before he
    and some of the top musicians 759 this area has to
    offer, Roger Anderson on percussion, Jack Bowers on piano, Steve Larkin on bass and 16 year
    old sensation Tianisha Fitzspatrick 0464 on violin, did
    a jazz set that let all those in attendance bask in he classy act that the Prince brings to
    all those whom he touches. What an honor to have the gift of his music!

    I used the break to to send out raffle prizes. With the help of Faye Saunders' kids, Chloe and
    Schuyler, as well as Brionna Machado who we'll talk about next and other kids that came and left
    through out the afternoon, during the course of the day we gave away 18 different prizes . It was fun to see the excitement of
    the kids as they jumped off the stage and run to give away a prize after it was won. It was also fun
    watching people crowd the raffle table, manned for most of the day by the super helpful Scott
    Campbell and elegant Faye Saunders, 0710 for a one dollar
    chance to win one of the many prizes that many of our exhibitors had so generously donated. It was
    also enjoyable to watch the striking Jeanelle Martin aJeanelle , she was helped
    by others, jump into action whenever I reminded the crowd that the payment spit we had arranged with
    Tony & Alba's pizza was one of the ways we paid for the day's festivities.

    Claire Machado's 0709
    beauty then graced the stage. Not only is she stunning to look at but her voice borders on the
    angelic. She was joined on stage by Randy Hudson, of the This Hear Band who
    played mandolin. And THX to David Handloff, of More Music, a local musician's supply store, Claire
    played confident and strong on a Renaissance guitar made by Rick Turner. Last May someone ran a
    spear thru Claire's heart when they stole the classical Spanish guitar on which she had composed a
    lot of the music we were hearing. Believing in people, when it still hadn't returned as our show
    grew nearer, the More Music people volunteered to help her with the instrument she needed for our
    show. And if Claire's performance was not enough of a show stopper, when her 8-year old daughter,
    Brionna, 0726 who had
    already sung "Between the Sun and the Moon" with her mom, closed out the Machado Girls set with a
    solo rendition of "Over the Rainbow" made famous by Judy Garland, it seemed as if everything else
    stood still. All eyes were focused on the stage as Brionna stood there in her little Alice in
    Wonderland dress merrily signing away.

    Jessica Menendez t_buffwear
    , the emerging darling of the bicycle festival set, got on stage next. And as the stage behind us
    was readied for the Keen Cousins, Jessica had me hold the microphone as she wowed the audience with
    all the many ways once can use a buff. And what a story Jessica
    is. She came from a tough beginning to start her own company, Alaska Buff Wear . And with it, she travels around the US doing triathlons and selling
    buffs. No more than an oversized head with colorful designs that can be stretched to serve as
    a pirates cap, a tube top or a mini skirt and many other ideas which she demonstrated, a buff
    is Jessica's winning personality hard at work. Easy going, happy and charming, everyone just
    loves Jessica!

    A short act that followed brought the audience even closer to the stage as she offered her wares. On
    display was a masterful female physique
    0735 . Gabrielle Nicander's several minute posing routine showed why she is fast becoming a shining
    star on the regional bodybuilding circuit. Her powerful presence was the subject of
    innumerable cameras that pressed forward to get a view of her in action. After she was done,
    I made sure to ask her a few questions so that those in attendance could see that this
    massively muscled woman was also a sweetheart. And she told the audience that there is a lot
    of cross over between bicycling and bodybuilding and encouraged those in attendance to
    consider such weight training as a way to make them stronger more fit bike riders.

    The Keen Cousins were next. With Phil Kleinheinz 0737 on stand up bass (that
    he even stood on on occasion as he played) and Eric Keene 0738 on guitar, the two of
    them held court for the next 45 minutes as people kept asking me who they were and where they came
    from. Handsome and young with slicked back hair, in tight jeans with the cuffs roiled up, their
    retro look fit perfectly with the 50's era rock and roll that they so comfortably and expertly
    played. Nor was percussion even necessary as Phil would pluck his strings in a way that made his
    instrument produce a light drum beat when that was necessary. Great kids and extremely personable,
    these guys are going places too.

    I gave away a bunch more of the smaller prizes as kids bounced on and off the stage all around me
    when I then spotted Congressman Sam Farr D-CA MK and Santa Cruz Mayor,
    Emily Reilly, mixing with the crowd and talking to exhibitors. A couple prizes later, I blew their
    cover when I asked them to come to the stage. Sam took a few minutes to tell the crowd that we have
    got to act. He talked about the importance of contacting elected officials with letters; that ours
    must be a proactive position. I then asked Sam to tell the audience about his own use of the bicycle
    to produce results. In 1972 he was the main organizer for a ride down the California Coast that was
    largely responsible for much of the coastal protection legislation that is in force today. And as he
    spoke about how much pain the bike seat caused him and how much press there was for the hundred or
    so riders that kept growing in number, I could see that he was endearing himself even more into the
    hearts of those who have kept him in office for the last ten years.

    Emily Reilly, dressed in a beautiful flowing dress showed why she is such a popular mayor here in
    Santa Cruz as she as well was able to put herself at the level of the majority opinion. With great
    ease and charm, she talked about how much the City of Santa Cruz supports cycling (which it does)
    and later went on tell us how we can access those legislators that Sam had been talking about. And
    her insight is something I'd like to see us deploy at In sum, she
    recommended that we go to the US Congress website ( and
    locate the transportation committee. It lists all the various congressman that are working on that
    committee and the district they serve. From these names she had the great idea that we get the word
    out to people we know who live in the districts served by these politicians and have them write
    letters to these elected officials asking them to support those bike bills we are working on. Later,
    Emily walked the two wheel talk herself as she became a part of the Festival by listening to and
    meeting other performers and even visiting more of the exhibitors that were there. How lucky we are
    here in Santa Cruz to have political leaders like these two.

    Andy Santana, who used to live and wow audiences here in Santa Cruz, came all the way down from
    Mendocino 230 miles away to play for the NBG cause. And like Prince and Claire above and Wes who we
    will describe next, Andy has played for us before. In fact Andy played our very first Swing for NBG
    back inn 1998 at Moes Alley and at our Year 2000 send off to DC And it was on his snappy tunes that I cut my swing
    dance teeth when swing had become all the rage in the mid 90's. Alive and powerful, his tunes drove
    my feet into motion. So much so that the free form dancing I used to do to the fire he brought to
    the stage easily evolved into swing when partner dancing then became popular. What an honor to be
    blessed by his love and the West Coast Playboys he had pulled together to play with him for us!!

    As August West led the charge to ready the stage for the next act, Banned Together, as he did so a
    couple of outrageous kids in their early 20'a showed what kind of excitement can be created with
    instruments normally reserved for less spirited music. Flying all over the stage in high top tennis
    shoes, Anton Patzner's violin came alive with excited energy as his brother backed him up with an
    equally fiery stand up bass accompaniment. Calling themselves the Patzner Boys String Metal, ner_001 they were only on
    stage for maybe 15 minutes, but they had everyone buzzing about what they had just seen.

    Our music offering ended with Wes Anthony's Banned Together. To give you an idea of the size of
    Wes's contribution to the NBG, he drove me and my bike a couple weeks before all the way up to
    Berkeley for our reception with Mayor Tom Bates and councilman Kriss Worthington, supplied the sound
    system that all of our musicians and speakers used on this day and now here he was with his band
    driving out one perfectly crafted swing tune after another. And unlike most dance bands, instead of
    the drummer, Mike Shannon, who played powerfully and impeccably, setting the tempo, Wes controlled
    even that too with his very studied saxophone as Steve Czarnecki also powered away on organ. Knowing
    how to make his horn do things that far transcend the ordinary, this man lives music. Armed with a
    masters degree in music, Wes also teaches local youth how to play sax and he's always playing
    somewhere either in his own band or with someone else as he is much in demand. A visit to his house
    or a drive in his car finds him not just listening to the music he plays (swing and salsa) but
    studying it for each and every nuance and variation. And like the Prince who started our day, people
    love to play with Wes because they know he helps them bring their music to another level. What a
    fitting end to our day of music -- WoW!

    The people we built this event for were next. Andrew Heckman, the man we dedicated last years's ride to
    before he then miraculously survived being run over by a car, in most eloquent fashion, talked about
    how bicycling removes all those barriers we use to keep ourselves separate; how it is the great
    equalizer. And in closing he left us with this reply he had received earlier in the day when he had
    seemed surprised that someone would thank him for surviving:

    When someone gives you the daisies, It is better to appreciate them NOW Than when you are in
    the ground

    Andrew was flanked by other NBG Giants we had come to celebrate As I gave certificates of honor to
    each of these powerful parts of the NBG effort I took few minutes to talk about each of them. There
    was Max Chen who rode to DC for us in 2000 with his brother Mark and
    then again this year to here from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. Jim 'Parky' Wetherell was also acknowledged for this ride here from SF as he courageously fights
    an unrelenting battle with Parkinson's Disease. Mighty Jim Muellner, the 67 years young man who had met and
    exchanged with 15 mayors and mayors offices on his ride here from Washington DC on his company's
    tricycle and inspired a whole nation of admirers and well wishers was
    formally thanked by the NBG. Our Pocket Mail Poet was also rewarded with a certificate for his
    effort both this year and last. Skot Paschal who braved the fires that raged out of control between
    Boise and Portland last year, this year rode from Eugene to Napa and took many many captivating
    pictures that now make his ride one of the most visited galleries at our site. Rocky Brown also appeared on
    stage with Dirt Bag (DB)
    0747 , the rubber lizard that was such a big part of the Pocket Mail descriptions
    es/cat_2003_leg_12_boise_id_portland_or.php of his ride from Boise to Portland this year. He rode
    last year from Salt Lake City to Boise and was acknowledged for both of those rides.

    We also certified some non riders this year. Jody Fitch, the man who designed the cutting edge web
    site for us and who serves as our indefatigable high tech trouble
    shooter got an award. As did Claire Machado who played for us this year and last and went beyond
    that call of duty by pressing special CDs of her music for each of our honored guests . And lastly I
    honored one of the biggest NBG believers not with a proclamation but with a kiss. And I think I even
    surprised her. Faye Saunders 0458 , who as Jim Muellners
    pointed out, spoils me terribly with great food and many other forms of support and who helped us
    get riders, took care of a lot of the raffle details, got our riders lunch in San Jose, Palo Alto
    and Santa Cruz and who is always there to help in whatever way she can in between the demands placed
    on her in her fast paced highly demanding job at Apple Computer also deserves a thank you from
    cyclists everywhere.

    Conspicuously missing from the awards ceremony were Jim Redd of Chicago and Andrew Morton
    of Portland both of whom rode for Andrew Heckman last year and who this year were and are a huge
    part of building Special THX also needs to go out to Ro Fischer in the
    Pittsburgh Mayor's office, Lorna Davros in the Des Moines Mayor's office, Berkeley Councilman Kris
    Worthington Arcata Mayor Bob Ornelas and Kristine Shigley in the Portland Office of Transportation.
    We also feel indebted to Jeff 'Bubba' Stephens and Dan Trevas from Columbus, the powerful Western
    Pennsylvania Field Institute, our major sponsors, John Brown of Family Cycling, Tom and Pattie of Connection Magazine and Bonnie Smith of Kool Stop
    http://koolstop,com , and to all of our other sponsors and riders who helped to make our 2003
    Mayors' Ride and Festival a rousing success!

    Next year, we will certainly be honoring Scott Campbell who worked our event from 7AM to late that
    nite and to Don Loomis who captured a lot of the days events on his video camera. Of which, if
    anyone has bandwidth we can access, we can put it all on line!! Can anyone help here?

    We ended the day by raffling off the grand prizes. J Matt (he is pictured visiting the Buff Wear
    booth above) won the Kool Stop Papoose Caboose trailer, a world class magician named Ken Martin won the amazing S&B Malibu recumbent and Peter Campbell 758 won the top prize of
    the day the long awaited Backsafer recumbent that I plan to review at some
    point soon!!

    Next December we start again where we left off. If you are interested in riding next year please
    visit . And indeed it promises to be far
    bigger and far better than ever before!! THX for all of U!!

    Thanks again for all your kind words and for inviting me to Friday's and Sunday's festivities. You
    are a real inspiration. Santa Cruz Mayor Emily Reilly

    Great event Sunday, that's a coup and a tribute to you to get Sam Farr and Emily Rielly out there to
    bring the political clout to the party. Also I loved the music, particularly Andy Santana, the lead
    guitar player is awesome. Pete Campbell

    Thanks for organizing this whole event! Marielle Stoellinga

    Thanks to you and others for putting this year's Bikefest together. I really enjoyed meeting the
    people there and it was great! Donald Loomis

    MARTIN KRIEG: "Awake Again" Author c/o 79 & 86 TransAms, nonprofit Nat. Bicycle
    Greenway CEO Ever wanted anything so bad U were willing to die for it? Really die? By moving thru
    clinical death and reversing paralysis, *I saw God* when I answered that question.

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