Hi guys, just wanted to share this :)

I'm finally found a store selling the new Polar HRMs and will be getting a Polar A1 or A3 this weekend. The icing on the cake is the fact that the money I am spending was a prize during my company's pageant, 2nd place was enough to finance my HRM fund. Hehe! I can't wait to get it! Too bad I can't spring for a S710 with a Power Sensor.

Sorry for the babbling guys :)
We had this Mr. (insert company name here) Pageant last week. Prizes came in the form of cash! enough cash for a HRM!
Ahhh ok.......well done.

So what features does this HRM have?
No, no, no, I am not a model :)
I did not want to join the contest, but the bosses here forced me too...can't say no to the bosses! :(

Anyway, the HRM I'll be getting will either be the A1 or the A3. The A1 shows Ave. HR and exercise time in addition to current HR, while the A3 has all the A1s functions but it has a upper and lower HR limiter.

The A3 costs $40 more than the A1. So I am thinking of getting the A1 for now.

The S710 will have to wait :)

BTW, how do I post a pic that is stored in my harddrive?
You'll have to goto something like Lycos, upload the pic there and then link to it in your post. Easy stuff!
Seems like it's taking really long to upload. I'll keep on trying and I'll post a pic when I do. Would want to post one of my bike, but I don't have a digital camera. You guys should post pics of your bikes, that would be a treat to look at. :)

this is the link to the pic I uploaded. Am I doing this right?
...and which one of those good looking lads would you be then? 8)
The tallest one at the right side of the picture would be me. Sorry I don't have any cycling related pics! :)

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