Finding a coach?



Help! I would like to find a coach to a get my training on track for upcoming planned centuries. My experience and spinning classes are not allowing me to reach my expectations. How do I locate one in my area?
One of your local shops can probably point you the right way
If you have no luck, I can help- [email protected]
(Our state sprint champ asked me to help him to get ready for the Olympic trials)

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You might take a look at my coaching website
I coach riders from all around the country via email and an occasional phone call. If I can help, let me know,
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Rick Sorenson
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Hi there rick, thanks for the link on your website :) btw you can become a member simply by registering
Hi Carol,

Why not look at at the coaching section, it will give you some information about the types of coaches out there.

I e-mailed [email protected] with a similar request to you and they came back with the names of a few good coaches who all wanted to help me.

My tip: take time to get to know the coach before starting the relationship. Remember that the relationship is two way (rider feedback, coach prescription)!
Hi - There are a myriad of resources for finding a coach....USA Cycling lists coaches in your area, as does You can also check out my website - - I'm a USAC Level 1 coach in California...but train select athletes outside the area as well...