FIR W420 rims?

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David Ornee

I bought a new (old stock) pair of FIR W420 (36 hole MTB) rims on eBay some time ago. They look
great. They have single eyelets. I use the techniques described in Jobst Brandt's book: "the
Bicycle Wheel".

However, as I built them and was going through final truing and stress relieving stages some of the
eyelets began to pull through. I tried to locate the seller without any positive results.

I would like suggestions as to how I might salvage the rims other than recycle them for
the aluminum.

I have another pair of FIR W420 rims that I haven't yet even tried to build. Since they are
identical, except for the color, I don't want to waste time building them.

I have positive experience with other FIR rims with double wall eyelets. Those rims built very well.

David Ornee, Western Springs, IL
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