Fire at the shimano factory in japan


Aug 12, 2001
At least 20 fire engines responded to a blaze at Shimano factory in Sakai-City, Osaka Prefecture in Japan, according to the Nippon News Network (NNN).

Reports say a security guard at the factory called firefighters around 1:45 p.m. According to Asashi Shimbun, about 200 people evacuated the factory, and no injuries were reported.

With the blaze now under control, authorities are working to establish the cause of the fire. Early reports suggested that there had been several loud bangs before the fire had broken out and that it could have been started by an electrical fault, quickly spreading to the height of the five-floor factory with fire fighters standing on the roof in an attempt to tackle the fire.
Heard about this, good thing no one is injured and it seems to be an accident and the company apologized and hopefully, this won't happen in the future.