First 5K in Three Hours Since Knee Surgery/ Infection

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Gregg Fowler, Dec 13, 2003.

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    Just short of three hours till I run the Rudolph Red Nosed Run in Nashville, Tennessee. Getting back
    to running has been my first "race" has been an almost three year process since I had surgery and a
    subsequent infection. I still experience some pain in the knee and it will never be quite the same,
    but at 44 after this surgery and the problems with it I am just glad to finally be back out again. I
    am currently only running about three miles, three days a week, but as I said it has been a
    difficult process getting back and I am slowly building. I am also doing leg presses and leg
    extensions to regain muscle strength around the knees. The doctor told me that running would not
    further injure my knee (torn meniscus) and just to train as the pain allows. Now it is primarily
    just irritation at the beginning of each run that improves after a half mile. I am finally not
    obviously limping when I run and my stride seems fairly natural. Wish me luck today. A slow 29:00
    will be good for me on the hilly route today and I plan on continuing to build through next year
    till I am able to run faster again. I am probably currently capable of doing 27:30, but I just plan
    on enjoying being back today and not pushing. If there are others nursing knees out there, I would
    appreciate any tips for things that will ensure I can stay healthy and run for many more years.

    Thanks, Gregg