First accident on my road bike, has presented with some fun learning opportunities!

pmr solo

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May 28, 2011
So the other day I had an accident, took a corner too sharply and hit my pedal on the road, amusingly I was rather blasé about the event: i remember thinking "damn, this'll hurt" before I impacted with the ground

Anyway, i wasn't seriously hurt - large gash in my arm and a very jarred hip.

To the learning experience - I had a lot of fun true-ing my wheel after the impact. I didn't damage the rim, thankfully, it was just somewhat out of alignment.

Now i'm back on my bike 3 days after the accident (who needs an arm to cycle with anyway?).
As masochistic as it sounds, it was all kind of fun :s

Anyone have any interesting stories they wish to share?
Maybe... bad things turning to good things?