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    I have just started riding again, having not ridden for maybe 10 years. I
    bought a basic coker and have been riding it on the bike path at my local
    beach in Hermosa, CA. Obviously I can't do many tricks because of its mass,
    but it is greeat for long rides.
    Anyway, I really want to learn tricks and thought a good trials 20" would be
    the way to go...But I wonder if my Scwhinn 24" could be used if I were to
    put a fat tire on it. I thought the 24" would be better for me since I am
    5'11 and about 165. I wonder if a 20", even with a 400 mm seatpost will be
    big enough for me.Would it be easier for me to just get a 20" trials uni,
    like the 2006 torker dx as a decent starter? Is the schwinn just to heavy
    for trials riding? Plus, it has sloped crown not good for putting your foot.

    PS: How do I change the "john Doe" in the "from" column? thanks!

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    the 2006 DX is a good choice... its good and cheap and trialsy.. a wee
    bit heavy.. but still its only like 15 lbs so nothing crazy heavy.. i
    recomend that



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  3. podzol

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    Hi Terry,
    You will get a ton of advice about the trials unis from folks who know
    more than I do.

    You can register for the forum as a user or member by going to and registering. It's a painless procedure and you can
    post an avatar and a member profile if you like, too! THis will get
    your name up. there may be other ways for news group people, but I
    don't know that.


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  4. Klaas Bil

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    john doe wrote:
    > PS: How do I change the "john Doe" in the "from" column? thanks!

    It seems that you're posting from Usenet (the newsgroup) through using Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2180. I'm not
    sure how to change your user name in Outlook Express, I think it is
    something like Tools - Accounts to edit your news account. Like podzol
    said, most people in this community post through .
    If you want to stick to Usenet though, I'm all for it! I do that too
    (even though I temporarily use to post because of a
    software glitch). I usually use FreeAgent as a newsreader, sometimes
    Agent. These two are far more versatile newsreaders than Outlook
    Express. The Usenet interface to, especially via
    (Free)Agent, has distinct advantages over (and some
    disadvantages too, frankly). If you want to know more, email me via .

    Klaas Bil
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