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Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by Gags, Sep 21, 2005.

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    Today was the "good weather" in Melbourne that I have been waiting for to
    have a crack at riding to work on the Fixie. I started off pretty
    tentatively on the downhills (alternating between applying some front and
    then some rear brake to reduce heat build up) and I had a couple of times
    when I almost tried to coast when coming into a corner or stopping at lights
    but apart from that it was pretty cool (even managed not to fall off!!)

    I am running a 44/15 ratio which my calculations say is 79.2 inches and I
    found that it wasn't too far off the mark. It allowed me to keep a fairly
    decent pace on the flats and it wasn't too bad for the uphill bits (although
    going up past Ivanhoe Cycles was a bit of an effort!!!). I found that by
    the trip home my pedalling on the flats had smoothed itself out considerably
    and I wasn't having any dramas with trying to coast anymore. I managed a
    couple of short trackstands (practiced for about 10 min or so on Sunday at
    home) and on one of them I even managed to ride backwards for a metre or so
    (gotta work up to doing reverse circles!!).

    The wierdest feeling that I found was slowing down on a down hill using
    backwards resistance on the pedals rather than the brakes. I found that I
    couldn't apply constant resistance and so I was sort of starting my
    resistance with the back leg as the pedals started coming up from the

    Overall I was pretty happy with the bike (ie. it is big enough for me) and I
    will definately be using it more regularly after the Mont has finished.

    Ride On,


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    Jun 20, 2003
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    That's how I normally do it and I can manage without using the brake. Sometimes I do the double leg thing, back leg push down and front leg pull up when I need to stop in a hurry (especially at red lights at the bottom of a hill). But generally I just resist with the back leg when coming to an easy stop. It helps alot to lift your bum off the saddle and use your full body weight to resist the upward motion of the rear pedal ... much easier on the knees. Besides, if both legs are applying pressure everytime the rear pedal comes up, it's still "constant" resistance at every pedal stroke.