First *real* Mountain Bike

Discussion in 'rec.bicycles.marketplace' started by Iclim Brock, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Iclim Brock

    Iclim Brock Guest

    I'm looking to buy a bike that I can use for commuting and trail
    riding. I also want a bike that will last for many years and take me
    through the beginner - dirt junkie stages.

    Because I want to use it around town and don't (yet) plan my offroad
    adventures to be too harrowing, I'm looking primarily at hardtails. So
    far the bikes I'm considering are the Fuji Tahoe, the KHS Alite 2000,
    and the Bianchi Denali or Kingbee. I'm also considering saving some
    money and taking step down with the Fuji Oultand Disc or the KHS Alite

    My previous bike was a Trek 800 hybrid... bought new in 1992, it
    finally kicked... but worked well as a NYC commuter.

    Any thoughts, suggestions or alternatives would be greatly
    appreciated. Thanks!

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