First Recumbent Century

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Just Zis Guy, Jun 29, 2003.

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  1. Just Zis Guy

    Just Zis Guy Guest

    I've ridden centuries on DF bikes before, but today the club ride turned out slightly longer than
    advertised and I accidentally rode my first recumbent century! 100.3 miles at a stately average
    of 13.3mph.

    I feel slightly less physically tired than I normally would after a long ride, although my knees are
    slightly sore. I had no trouble keeping up with the DFs uphill (especially given the relaxed pace)
    and had to hang on the brakes going down or wait for them at the bottom. Or overshoot the junction
    and ride back... :)

    I was granted Bragging Rights on the way back into wind, obviously, but one rider challenged me to a
    race to the top of the next rise. He claims he missed a gear, all I know is I was still doing 28mph
    as I crested said rise and he was a dot in the rear-view mirror when I got there ;-)

    The bike held up well on poor surfaces, give or take a lot of clatter from the bag on the back (it
    has a hard liner so tends to rattle). The wide-range cassette worked Much Better with the XTR mech
    than it ever did with the old Deore one, but is still rather noisy. It was very noticeable from my
    lower vantage point that Campag-equipped bikes shift cleaner and make less noise running (which
    means less friction), so when I buy That Trike it will be Campag-equipped.

    The Stinger also went over the 2,500 mile mark. Still doing fine, save the niggles already
    discussed, the rear tyre is looking a bit worn though. Time for those Stelvios I think.

    There were a couple of tandems along, and the recumbent dynamics were very similar: wide turning
    circles, fast descents, awesome braking and grind up the hills. Naturally the tandemists and I
    made a point of saying how challenging our mounts were on hills as we sailed past the solos on
    the ascents.

    This is reputed to be the first time a recumbent has gone along on the main Reading CTC Sunday ride.
    Not sure how true that is, but it was good to wave the flag. And you can bet that several wedgie
    riders nearly impaled themselves on said flag, so maybe next time I'll set it at a different angle.

    ** WARNING ** This posting may contain traces of irony. Advance
    notice: ADSL service in process of transfer to a new ISP. Obviously there will be a week of downtime
    between the engineer removing the BT service and the same engineer connecting the same equipment on
    the same line in the same exchange and billing it to the new ISP.

  2. Garry Broad

    Garry Broad Guest

    This man's sure into bikes.

    Sounds good.

    For me, you post has certainly prompted the thought of doing something else with cycling. I only
    ever cycle alone, it's just one of those things I've always ever done alone - packing up smoking
    and all that. Might be nice to get involved with something that is more collective in nature at
    some point.

  3. Peter Clinch

    Peter Clinch Guest

    Garry Broad wrote:

    > For me, you post has certainly prompted the thought of doing something else with cycling. I only
    > ever cycle alone, it's just one of those things I've always ever done alone

    Used to be the case with me, but gradually you end up with friends who are also up for a blast, so
    you go out together. I still go out on my own a fair bit, but it can be nice in a group: different
    priorities, dynamics etc. Was out with the local CTC ride yesterday, about 80 Km at a very relaxed
    pace and quite a range of age, fitness and experience. A good route and glorious weather too. A most
    agreeable trundle.

    Peter Clinch University of Dundee Tel 44 1382 660111 ext. 33637 Medical Physics, Ninewells Hospital
    Fax 44 1382 640177 Dundee DD1 9SY Scotland UK net [email protected]
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