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Discussion in 'Cycling Training' started by Guest, Jul 1, 2002.

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    Ok so some of you dont stop between seasons, but I've been off the bike now since mid April.

    Anyway, last weekend my sisters boyfriend bought himself a bike to start triathlons. We decided to go for a ride yesterday. He should be fitter than me currently as he has been training both in the Gym and on the road for a few months now.

    So off we go at 9am on a icey Sunday morning. We had desided before hand that we'd cycle out to Eikenhof and back. A 42km round trip. In my mind I was thinking that as this if my first ride in a while, if I cant make it, there are turning points along the way to cut the ride short. Anyway we get to the turning point to make it a 20km ride and I still feel good, at the 30 km tuning point I'm still feeling good. So we landed up doing the full 42km. Admitedly I did not ride it as hard and fast as normal, but it was a start and it felt good.

    B.T.W. If we left home 10 minutes earlier we would have won a race. I'm not sure what race it was, but by the cars parked at the finish line there were some big names (Andrew Mclean, Microsoft Cycling etc.). The leaders past us while we were riding and 10 mintues later we crossed the finish line.

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    Jan 31, 2002
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    Hey Ouzo, went for my first decent ride in 1.5 months yesterday as well ;D. I went with a friend and we did 30km. Must say that the first 8-10km was HELL :'(, but after that I started getting into a comfartable pace and really enjoyed the ride. I can feel I'm a bit "off" ::), but I'll pick that up soon enough.

    For those that trained throughout the winter, WATCHOUT, here we come!! (and we've got some decent rest which you don't!!!)
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    Apr 1, 2002
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    Hi there lads,

    Well im one of those dudes who did decide to train during the colder months on the bike and in gym and subsequently i have nearly doubled my power output, so guess who's in for the ass whippin!!

    Good luck with the training guys. Get into it.


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    Think on this one:

    If you do some more intense training before you do your base miles, you will complete your base miles at a higher intensity andtherefore benefit more!

    (But watch out for overtraining).
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    One thing I'm very carful of is getting my base training in. We took this ride pretty slowly with an average speed of 23 kph where as I would normaly do it (when I'm fitter) at 29/30 kph.
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    I'm part of the brrrrrrr brigade. Besides my short encounter with a very unwelcome virus, (the flu) I've been doing plenty of base miles. (About 400 a week) I always look at it as money in the bank.

    Besides, there's always the warmth in the afterglow of a winter ride. :D :D
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    No problems with the cold here...sitting in the middle of summer....

    Glad to hear of another Triathlete in the bunch! :) I was starting to think I was the only one. :) Give your friend a healthy "How'd you do" from your tri friends here in Texas!