First snow run today

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by HardwareLust, Jan 10, 2005.

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    A gorgeous ice cold, but bright sunny morning. Had my first run ever in the
    snow today. We got our annual snow "storm" yesterday, 1.5" total. What a

    Running on snow seems better than running on dirt, feels like it's softer.
    Finally got a chance to wear my cheap new gore-tex shoes (thanks Lance!) and
    they worked like a proverbial charm. Dry, comfy feet the whole way 'round.
    Found a couple slippery spots where the snow melted a little and re-froze
    overnight, but no big deal. Had to slow down a little and pick my footing
    in a few places (must remember to thank some of my neighbors for salting),
    but it's amazing how much traction I got on the non-packed snow. Overall,
    slowed my training pace by a minute, but no big deal.

    I did end up overdressing a little, though. Even though the temp was the
    same as it has been for the last week, my brain assumed since I saw snow was
    on the ground that it was going to be colder. It wasn't. It was *quite*
    warm in the sun, I imagine partially due to reflected light off the snow?

    I could definitely live with this. Much, MUCH more fun than running in the
    rain. I can hardly wait until our next snowfall, probably one year from
    now. Guess it's back to rain and mud tomorrow.