First time out this year!

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I got out on the roads for the first time since December. I don't like bad-weather riding (rain,
very cold, etc), but yesterday was beautiful. It hit 50° and sunny for the first time since before
Thanksgiving here in Rhode Island (we had hit 50 a couple of weeks ago, but it was pouring down
rain). There is still a lot of snow piled along the edges of the road, which made for a lot of water
along the curbs, but it had washed a lot of the sand away, which was nice.

I have been running on a treadmill to stay in shape, and it showed: I kept up a much better pace
than I could on my first times out last year, and I was badly over-dressed, but I'd rather be warm
than cold any day. Since I don't have fenders on my 20+ year old Schwinn LeTour, my shoes and back
got wet, but it was still great to get back out on the road and ride for a while.

Once the snow and sand are gone for good, I'll be disassembling my bike and cleaning it up for a
(hopefully) great summer of riding. Just last fall, I heard about a series of time trials that a LBS
runs on Monday nights during the summer, and I'm going to give that a try for the first time.

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