First Time Trainer User. What did I do wrong?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Rominger, Jul 18, 2007.

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    Ok folks, I´ve decided to write since I couldn´t find a good answer to my question.

    After a long and cold winter (well, sort of, since I live in a city where 50o F is considered chilly) I´ve decided to buy a trainer.

    After reading a lot about trainers, I´ve decided for the Kurt Kinetic, with that great feature that is the no-leak advantage.

    After reading a lot about tire trainers, I´ve bought the Conti HomeTrainer Tire, which, as I read over and over, is famous for not lasting a long time (something I really don´t like to is returning to LBS over and over).

    So, after doing all this, I read the instructions and set my bike, using the settings I´ve read here and over the Internet.

    But, after my 2nd ride, and actually my real first test using the KK and Conti setup, I´ve seen that famous black stuff over the floor, and my tire was not exactly yellow, but with a grey line where the tire touches the trainer. Not much, but enough to think something was wrong. I imagined I was overtightening the tire and I turned back, something like half-revolution, so the tire just touched the trainer, and when I went for another ride yesterday, I´ve seen even more black spots over the floor and now the tire looked yellow again but with a little squared pattern at the center of the tire.

    Apparently, I was not expecting this, since the tire I have for road use is not even close to this. What on Earth did I do wrong? Is this normal for a trainer use? Anyone who has this tire can say something about this?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, like all the help I´ve had reading other threads here.