First VK2 jaunt

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Mikael Seierup, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Had to go ride my new bike as the weather was tolerable. Since I still need a cablestop for a 33.6
    mm diameter tube it was done using the small chainring (39).

    First impressions were that the steering was very lively. This is due to my new Cane Creek headset
    thats way better than that piece of junk Stronglight I had on before. A few minutes into the ride I
    had adjusted to it. Otherwise it was more or less a similar experience to the VK1. Probably stiffer
    but I can't really tell before I can use the big ring. Boom still flexes a little. Nice and light.
    My Tiagra roadbrakes seem to work well enough compared to the drum- and V-brake setup I had on
    before. Stelvio front and S-Licks rear atm and it rolled great. (Bear in mind I've been riding my
    heavy TE-clone with lowpressure winter tires for a while now.)

    I also got just as much crud thrown at my neck as on the VK1. Looking forward to that tailbox. ;-)


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    Dec 6, 2003
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    Hi Mikael,

    Got my VK2 frame send a week ago. Very, very nicely made...! Still working out what components to buy. I want to make it as lightweight as possible without spending a silly amount of money.
    I will be using discbrakes (Marta/Marta SL) with Kamils monofork. I'm thinking about 10-speed, not sure yet if a 9-speed disc hub will take it and hesitating about using bar end shifters though (the only option?)...otherwise I wil use SRAM X0. Thinking about HED wheels but looking for a cheaper/lighter option.
    Not sure either about the wheel size. A 622 rim has ample room, enough for a sleek Stelvio but on non-racing days I want to use broader tyres as well. Did you put a 559 or 622 rim on your VK2?

    Dutch greetings,

    Paul ;)
  3. Finally got a more reliable weight.

    My VK2 weighs 11.1 kg or 24.5 lbs in its roadgetup. This means bottlecage, mirror, bell etc.