fitting a pioneer spanninga dynohub

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I recently fitted one of these ( on a tiagra rear hub and
have a few issues:

The frame clearance was very tight, which I managed to solve by shaving a bit off the casing where
it was being pushed by the seat stay.

The spoke to near-side axle end (the face of the locknut that abuts(sp?) the inside face of the
dropout was just about in tolerance for fitting the dynamo.

I have two problems now.

The dynamo seems to be rubbing when I pedal hard. It seems that something is flexing that causes the
fixed portion of the dynamo body to rub against the portion that rotates with the wheel.

The *fixed* portion of the casing has a tendency to rotate with the wheel sometimes. To explain, the
following parts are clamped together on the axle: The locking nut on th end of the bearing cone.
This has the usual knurled finish on the end face. Next comes the dynamo which can be thought of as
a steel washer. It has small radial grooves stamped on it. Finally the (Alu) drop-out. These are all
clamped together by the QR cam and should all be fixed but the dynamo is able to rotate under not
very much force. Obviously the nearside face of the dynamo is sliding wrt the dropout but I cannot
tell if the dynamo is rotating wrt the locknut or if the axle is also turning (obviously it
shouldn't be).

Has anyone any experience with this product? (it was apparently mentioned in Uk base CTC mag p39 D/J
97). I am wondering if a locking washer (one of those starry ones) between the dynamo and the
dropout will help.

best wishes james
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