Fitting Vredestein Scarab tyres




I was wondering if anyone other then me has problems fitting Vredestein
Scarab 26*1.75 tyres? I first installed these on a mountain bike about 6
months ago. I find them great to ride for the side of riding I do (road and
gravelly tracks), but a real pain to fit as they often do not like to sit
evenly round the rim, no matter how many tries I try to fit them, and this
makes for an uneven ride. (And I wonder if the bad fit increases the risk of
flats). The rim tip is in good condition.

Someone on the net recommended using soap round the rim, I tried this but it
didn't make any difference. The LBS managed to do fit them but even they
said it was tough, they had to use some sort of clamp to get the tyre on

Does anyone have any other tips for fitting these things? Its a real pain
having to take the things to the LBS every time.

Thanks for any help