Five methods to promote relationships


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Mar 12, 2013
[SIZE=10.0pt]Give [/SIZE][SIZE=10.0pt]her a hug when she is uneasy. Women are appreciate "but cautious man," when she upset, give her a hug, pass on a piece of paper towel, all is the careful consideration performance, help to close the relationship between two people. A study found that a man sweat can also make a woman feel relaxed.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.0pt]The gentleman to open the door for her[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.0pt]Psychological Base ShiNa doctor says, in the pursuit of stage, many women want a man behavior has romantic gentleman demeanor, she has the ability to move their chair or open the door, but she hesitate performance are looking forward to your gentleman lift.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.0pt]Put on her favorite clothes. Base ShiNa doctor said, from love at first sight to the honeymoon couple after life, the man is dressed up should understand the "appetite", for the good. If she likes tight jeans, then wear tight jeans it. In addition, an interesting psychology, the study found that women have a subconscious that wear red clothes men are more power, more attractive and more sexy, so date might as well try to wear a red coat.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.0pt]Admit mistakes. Base ShiNa doctor said, has the desire to do better, has the thought and sensitive men most can catch a woman's heart. Women like men have admit his mistake, and try to correct.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.0pt]Listen to her feelings. Have troubles, women need is your ears, not suggest. Man always remember love to solve the problem, often love active give advice. However, most women are more perceptual, love is two people to deepen the feelings one of the best ways. Of course, in the process of listening to, light nod is not enough, should also be eye to eye, eye communication, appropriate said understand, she will think you really understand her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.0pt]Praise word the more the better. Women like to be praised, and the more the better. If she wore a sexy dress, or do a new hairstyle, then loudly praise her, let her be elated at the same time, your relationship is near a layer.[/SIZE]

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