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May 12, 2012
I am interested in buying a fixed gear bike, but my budget is somewhat limited. I hope to spend no more than £250.

I have picked out two bikes and would appreciate help making a decision on which one to buy:


Between the two I prefer the no logo, but only for the looks. If the Viking is a better bike, I would buy it instead.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
FWIW. Between the two, I would choose the The NO LOGO bike, too. It defintely appears to be the better bargain of the two ...

Based on the pictures & limited descriptions, the No Logo has a better crankset (and then, presumably a better BB, too) & it possibly has better hubs/etc....

Basically, the lower total weight of the No Logo bike suggests that the frame and/or components are marginally better than those on the Viking ...

Depending on one's point of view, a 2.25kg. difference in weight (with the VIKING being the heavier of the two) may-or-may-not seem like a lot -- at 10.5kg, the No Logo bike is far from light BUT 'I' would definitely consider the Viking to be on the porky side.
Excellent. Thanks for your reply.

I'll hold off for one more day, but unless someone recommends against it I think I'll go with the no logo.

Thanks for your help.
Out of interest how is the no logo bike treating you, assuming you bought it as planned? In a very similar position but hearing mixed things about no logo. Shame given price and how good the style is!

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