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Hi All. This sounds nice - a fixed-gear APB Moulton, at St. John St. Cycles, U.K. 46/14 Teeth sprockets. Drop handlebars, cantilever brakes, separable frame,mudguards, and of course the famous front and rear suspension.

'online store', then click 'folding/hub gear bikes'.
699 Pounds? Aroundabout $A2100 ?
Reported by 'Patrick James', on the Moulton list, from whence I've borrowed it. I wonder what that gearing is, in inches? i.e., are they 17 inch or 20 inch wheels?
Anyone out there on a fixed-gear Moulton? Any model?
Cheers. Will.
This may be of interest to fixed-gear riders generally: There's a new hub on the market, specifically made for fixed-gear use, especially track use. It's called the Chub hub, and features large alloy flanges with a carbon-fibre shell, and replaceable sealed bearings. It appears to be made in the U.S. The web site makes for some good reading. It's claimed to perform better than the Shimano track hub.
Cheers. Will.
Here's a rarity - a 3 speed S.A. Fixed Gear Hub, model ASC,
from December, 1949, (12/49), alloy shell, 40 hole flanges, complete with its own special trigger lever and correct wingnuts. On eBay Item # 1093323038 .
The auction is up to GBP 175 at present. That's over $A400.
Here's a link to a Fixed-Gear list. Makes interesting reading. Some shops actually sell fixed-gear bikes set up for road use with brakes. And many of the bike messengers (couriers) use fixed-gear bikes in the cities. There's also a whole pile of info. on fixies at Sheldon Brown's site.

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