Fixed My Chain Tightness, But I Still Hear Clicking When I Pedal. What Next?


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Jul 9, 2015
I'm not sure what to try next. With your help I determined that my chain was very tight in some spots, and so I adjusted the rear wheel. The pedal rotation feels much nicer and smooth now, and there is little to no vibration. But when I pedal I still get the intermittent clicking that comes and goes.

I was going to try centering the chain ring, but it doesn't seem like the stock chain ring from my state bike co bike allows for it. Is where would be the next place to look?
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Could be coming from the pedals, the bottom bracket, the hub, the chain, or the chainring still. It's hard to tell without knowing more about the bike--the type of rear hub, is it fixed gear or freewheel, etc

Note that chain rings are rarely truly round, especially on low priced bikes. With a derailleur this is not a problem because the spring takes up chain slack, but on a single-speed or bike with an internally geared hub, the chain loosens and tightens as the crank turns. Also look at your chainline--is the cog on the hub directly in line with the chainring?
Check to make certain the pedals are properly torqued into the crank arms.
Check crank arm mounting torque.
Check to make certain the bottom bracket is tightly installed and that the spindle has no play.
Check fixed gear and lock ring for correct installation.

The chainline can be adjusted somewhat with spacers behind the fixed gear or freewheel.