Flanders-iteamNova.com Alive And Well


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Jan 14, 2003
In response to the thread "iTeamNova.com Running Out of Money," just wanted to respond.

I got an e-mail from Susan Stewart, director of iteamNova.com and wife of rider David McKenzie. The team does not appear to be in any financial trouble whatsoever. In fact, the team has a full squad in Malaysia right now getting ready for the Tour de Langkawi.

Check out the Website at www.iteamnova.com

iteamNova.com merged with Flanders to augment its back account while Susan runs the subscription drive.

For those who don't know, Flanders-iteamNova.com's plan is to raise funds by offering "subscriptions" to cycling supporters throughout the world. For about US$110 you get team kit, a newsletter and access to day-by-day team info on the Website.
only thing now is that it is not fully aussie , and thats what aussie members would want to see their money go...not to support belgiun cyclists.:rolleyes: imo

still its still a good thing i think. good deal with all the member benefits
Glad to hear it.

I questioned (under the post to which you refer) how many subscriptions they have to sell to pay quality riders that will get them into big events. After reflection, I have decided that I don't care and it isn't my business. They can figure those things out. For me, it is just neat to see a team get off the ground and be a success using a different business model than the norm.

I can relate to trying to bring something new to the sport and praying that people buy into it.

You obviously are very interested in their progress. If they have a great result, let us know. :)

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