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    This is the top-20 list the riders who gathered the most Worldcup-points in the Ronde van Vlaanderen
    (Tour of Flanders) since the start of the worldcup in 1989 till now. The list is based on the yearly
    top10-result of Flanders since 1989. The points given are the official points of the
    worldcup-ranking. The winner of a worldcup-race gets 100pts. Then it goes from 70, 50, 40, 36, 32,
    28, 24, 20 to 16 pts for the 10th rider.

    1. J. Museeuw (Bel) 610 pts
    2. A. Tchmil (Bel) 370 pts
    3. E. Van Hooydonck (Bel) 298 pts
    4. R. Sörensen (Den) 282 pts
    5. P. Van Petegem (Bel) 246 pts
    6. M. Bartoli (Ita) 228 pts
    7. F. Ballerini (Ita) 222 pts
    8. F. Baldato (Ita) 172 pts
    9. G. Bortolami (Ita) 156 pts
    10. F. Maassen (Hol) 142 pts
    11. M. Sergeant (Bel) 112 pts
    12. V. Ekimov (Rus) 108 pts
    13. M. Argentin (Ita), J.Durand (Fra), G. Bugno (Ita),
    A. Tafi (Ita), M. Fondriest (Ita) 100 pts
    18. M. Sciandri (GBR), J. Skibby (Den) 84 pts
    19. C. Chiappucci (Ita), D. Nardello (Ita) 72 pts

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