Flat bar road bike for road and cruiser duties...crazy talk?

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by Redflea, Jan 28, 2015.

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    Jan 27, 2015
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    I'm thinking about getting a flat bar road bike (used, ~700 budget) to use as both a cruiser for rides w/my family and friends (bay bike path and beach boardwalk rides of ~15 to 20 miles, 5-10 mph, sitting up in the saddle and lots of chatting about work, life, etc.), and distance/"fitness" road rides (~25-50 miles w/some grades, ~15 mph, not so much yakking).
    I'd put 700x28 or 30 tires on it, to make it a better "cruiser" when it's doing that duty.

    One of my current bikes is a re-purposed 21 speed 26" Nishiki steel frame mountain bike (grip shifters!!) that I put "skinny" 1.5" tires on that I'm currently using for cruiser duty, and could continue to use that if the flat bar doesn't work out, but for some reason I find myself getting psyched about using the flat bar for both types of riding.

    I know I could just get a road bike and use each bike for separate duty, but I'm trying to simplify my bike life a bit and like the idea of a dual-purpose bike.

    Anyone else doing this? Crazy talk? (My first post, so if I am crazy, maybe use words like "fringe" or "leading edge" rather than "psycho" and "one sandwich short of a picnic, OK?)

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    It's something I'm not doing. but it's not crazy at all. Flat bar road bikes are fun and practical, and if one ever fell into my lap I'd certainly find plenty of uses for it. Go for it.

    But before going for it, you might want to check into the the "gravel racer" category, just to see if that's something you might like. It's your ride, though, so listen to your heart.