Flat Tire At The Workplace

No problem Brah. :D

Btw, they found a baby floating on a tube next to my summer house the other day. :D

It wasnt at its best! :D

Quote by Volnix:
"I also carry a presta to Schraeder adaptor so I can get the tires up to 80 psi on a gas station."


Carrying a 25 cent Presta-to-Schraeder Adapter is the easy way to get from the 50-60 PSI the mini and micro pumps get your tire inflated to...to the 80-90 PSI the shop air can deliver at a gas station or, in the case of my neighborhood, ANY Amish dude or redneck with his garage door open! We all have multiple air compressors and enjoy helping a guy out.

In the good ol' daze of toe clips, the toe clip screw was the same size as a Presta valve thread and we carried the adapter threaded onto that screw, behind the front pedal plate. Unseen...so The Rules© were not violated.
Oh CampyBob...so that is what the bin of adapters at my local bike shop is all about...I once again have erred, by not asking the shop owner "what are these things for?" and then buying a few!

Thanks a ton