Flat Tire Karma


Jul 25, 2004
My 2 year anniversary of Cycling is this month. It was 2 years ago that I bought a Diamondback hybrid from Dicks for a whopping $279.

For the first 21 months of that 2 years, across around 2,000 miles, I never had a single flat.

Since then I've had 3 flats in 3 months. And they're all completely unrelated to one another. I have not changed where I ride nor the frequency that I ride.

The first was the front tire on a drizzly day. Never found out what caused the flat and it never re-occurred. The hole was 90 degrees around the girth of the tire, so where the sidewall would be, but I ran my fingers around the inside for 20 minutes and never found anything at all.

Second flat was when the bead of my back tire started tearing away. Cheap tires I guess. Not 100% sure why that caused a flat (maybe a pinch?), but the tire was in kind of an S shape where the tear was happening so it's not too surprising.

So now, brand new tubes and brand new tires (Specialized Borough CX 42c) front and back, and I get another rear flat. I haven't checked this one out (quick visual inspection didn't show anything stuck in the tire, and it's a slow leak), but by definition it's something different than the other two.

So just bad Karma.

Any of you guys out there have bad flat karma stories to share? Or unusually good karma flat stories? I'd be interested in hearing them.
it happens... in both directions, sometimes no flats for a year, sometimes 2 flats on one single ride
Yep, I'm getting the bad karma right now. Went ~600 miles without a single flat and have had 7 in the past two weeks. It's goat head season and those little bastards are everywhere, even when I stay on the road...
One year in Arizona I had an epic month during the monsoon season during which I had 10 flats in 2 weeks among tubulars and clinchers. The heavy monsoon rains and localized flooding would leave all manner of sharp, difficult or impossible to see items all over the road, things like goatheads (from puncture vine).
Good karma stories only lead to bad karma stories ...

I got one but I ain't saying nothin'.