Flipping Stems!

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JimBob wrote:
> How do you flip stems on threadless steerers?

(This is a bit rushed, so check the excellent stem instructions on the Park website to make sure -
and get more details)

1. Release handlebars

2. Remove top bolt (with expanding insert if got one instead of star nut)

3. Undo stem's steerer clamp bolts

4. Lift off stem together with any spacers ontop.

5. Turn stem upside down and fit. (You may possibly want to move some of the spacers, if any, on
top of the stem, or vice versa).

6. Do up steerer clamp bolts just enough to secure stem, fit bars, undo clamp bolts again

7. Fit top bolt, tighten until it just feels like it's doing something and a touch more

8. Align bars so they're pointing straight, and do up steerer bolts (evenly and not too much - can
easily strip them).

9. Test for headset play by rocking bike back and forth with front brake on. If play, loosen
steerer bolts, tighten top bolt just a little, tighten steerer bolts, test, repeat until done
(until just past the point of play).

10. Check cables are now not too short or long.

Please see http://www.parktool.com/repair_help/howfix_headthreadless.shtml

Sorry if that's far more than you needed.

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