Flite saddle, marchisio cogs, panniers...


Andy M-S

1. Selle Italia Max Flite saddle--smooth black leather, basic Flite
size and shape, extra suspension system and vanadium rails. Excellent
condition, photo available. $35 shipped in CONUS.

2. Marchisio 12-26 8-speed Shimano-compatible cassette kit, very good
condition. This is a set of twist-tooth cogs with adaptors and
spacers that you can put together to make your own cassette. Very
good condition. The kit includes everything you need--cogs in
12,13,15,17,19,21,23,26 sizes, adaptors for these to fit Shimano
freehubs, 8s spacers (one of these is a Shimano 8s alloy spacer, the
others are Marchisio's plastic rings) and lockring (Again, a Shimano
part, as I misplaced the original Marchisio item). You can buy Campy
adaptors and spacers if you wish, to replace the Shimano spacers, you
can get 9s spacers and one more cog to turn this into a 9s
setup...it's a pretty cool kit, but I don't need it. My loss is your
gain--$30 shipped in CONUS.

3. Kirtland Tourpack panniers. Red nylon, good condition, lots of
pockets. These use a spring suspension system and have an aluminum
backplate to keep the panniers out of your wheels. Should fit any
standard rack (I use them with a Jim Blackburn). $25 shipped in

If you have any questions, email me @marchantshapiro @ hotmail DOT com
and I'll try to answer. I'm open to reasonable offers--empahsis on