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May 13, 2002
I desparately need to retire my old floor pump. My initial vists to three bike shops and some online research revealed the following:

1) It is painfully apparent that the cheap ones are horribly cheap and nasty!

2) You can spend any amount you want!

3) Top of the range can also be dodgy. The Topeak Twister doesn't get too many favourable reviews, despite being one of the more expensive models.

So, question is, what do you use? Would you recommend it? How long have you had it? Pros & Cons?

Any advice, "stay-away-froms" etc much appreciated.

Pedros Racing Services recommended. Don't know what model it is but it's big and orange and it goes all the way to 11.

My LBS recommends Silca track pumps .. they are about AU$80.

I haven't got one myself yet (my credit card bill is already way too big :( ) so at the moment I'm using my Zefal hpX hand pump for everything. It gets decent enough pressures, but it has no pressure gauge and it's really hard work ;)

Have you had a look at the accessories/pumps section of www.mtbreview.com? There's sure to be a lot of opinion there.
I've been using a topeak joe blow for about 3 years now...its great. when other people use it, they comment on how much they like it.

wrench science pumps are supposed to be good, too, and I believe they have a lifetime warranty.
Definately go with a Silca track pump it will last you a lifetime as all parts are replaceable and readily available. I've had mine for nearly 20 years and only had to replace the washers although the barrel could do with a lick of paint now.
I have been Using a Topgear floorpump for about 8 months now and am very happy with it. It does not break the bank and it has some nice features.

1. Aluminuim construction so it will have a long life.

2. The gauge is mounted at the top of the pump so it is easy to see what pressure you are pumping.

3. The pumphead does both presta and schrader valves in one hole.

4. It can do 11 Bar.

5. I had an initial problem with my pumphead but the agents went out of their way and relaced the part free of charge ( this happened over the christmas holiday period )
Anyone having problems pumping up to above 100psi ? curently using a wrench force floor pump and i cant seem to get it above 100 ...
get a Silca pump, i've got one, it cost me more than the other would have but i'll be able to hand it down to my great grand kinds :D

My old coach used to have one that was 20 or 25 years old (at the time)


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