Floyd can't be let off the hook because...


Simon Brooke

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>>> (2) Why
>>> didn't these great tests detect anybody else?

>> Because no-one else who was tested had a testosterone/epitestosterone
>> ration greater than 4:1, so no one else's sample was subjected to the
>> more sophisticated testing. Of course, that may merely mean that their

> Do you read the statements made by Pound and many others?
> They talk about rampant cheating. The spanish authorities
> have made allegations regarding over 50 cyclists. Why haven't
> any of these guys tested positive?

Pound has an axe to grind, and he's grinding it at cycling's expense. He
has no personal investment in cycling. Perhaps he honestly wants to
clean up 'sport', considering sport as a whole, but he seems to be quite
prepared to sacrifice one sport - ours - pour encourager les autres.

In saying that I'm not saying there's no doping in the peloton. We know
there is. But that doesn't mean to say you have to take Pound's
posturing at face value.

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Michael Press

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> Joe King wrote:
> > ... he totally wrecked the sport of bike racing.

> According to Hemingway, bike races aren't sport. The only true sports
> are mountaineering, bull fighting and auto racing. Everything else is
> a game. LOL.

Tell that to the bull. Bull riding is different: the bull
always wins.

Michael Press