Floyd Landis


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Jun 5, 2007
Oruboris said:
Dunno about the 'Hottie' issue, but I tend to trust Landis more than the French lab or LeMond, who seems to believe no American [other than himself, of couse] could possibly win the tour without doping, and whose testimony was very damagining to Lands.
I think you might be onto something.:cool:

It is probable that there is a corrupt conspiracy between UCI, the arbitration panel, and the couple of dozen or so french lab workers to plant exogenous testosterone in Floyd's urine. They probably paid off Lemond as well to invent a lie that would incriminate Floyd and ruin the guy's career.

And he is like the first athlete ever to proclaim he was not innocent straight after testing positive. So we should automatically assume he is telling the truth and ignore all the other evidence. Just look into his eyes, look at his Americanness, and believe. Stand by him like family. Cover your ears and shut your eyes and go "blah blah blah de blah" if any, obviously concocted, evidence suggests that he might be just hanging onto a thin thread of hope that his career hasn't been farked by his stupidity.

Can't anyone see that Lemond is a dicknuckle? He alleges that LA doped. He must be a lying narcissist who is jealous of Lance. All the other guys like Andreau and others who have suggested that Lance just may have... you know...used something illegal... are probably on the French payroll as well. And UCI and the French probably deliberately let Lance win to give the impression he was doping.

FWIW, Tyler is innocent as well. He's American. The French are just xenophobic...:p