Fois gras meatloaf

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    Well, I had some leftover fois gras in the fridge. (I know. It's
    never happened to me before either.) So I cut little nuggets of it
    and put them into a meatloaf I made tonight. Thyme, salt and pepper
    in the meat. A trail of fois gras pieces down the center. After the
    loaf was formed, I laid on a thin layer of Dijon mustard, some thin
    slices of lemon confit and some half-caramelized onions on top.

    While it roasted, I cooked a little mirepoix in a sauce pan. When it
    had a little color to it, I tossed in some sliced button mushrooms.
    Cooked them a little bit and then added some store-bought beef stock
    (which is not as salty as its chicken cousin -- why?) and some thyme.
    When it had reduced a bit, I added some demi glace and Dijon mustard.
    Wow. It was good. Really good.

    So was the meatloaf with some of the sauce on top of it.

    Nobody in Cow Hill ate better tonight.


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