folding/small wheel BIKE SWAP in Philadelphia USA 5/18

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If you're looking for new or used FOLDING BICYCLES, or selling same, consider coming to the ROUND*UP
USA small wheel and folder bike fest in Philadelphia, May 16-18. Besides workshops, demos and
debates on whose bike folds up the smallest, we're having a Micro-Swap (tm) of folding bikes, parts
and gear....

--THE Micro-Swap is on SUNDAY, May 18th, from 9am to about 1pm, just off 4th and Market Streets in
central Philadelphia, (hiways I-95 and 676. -- also via Amtrak, Septa and other transit) You must
register ($28) if you're selling more than one bike or one box of parts ... the Micro-Swap is FREE
to buyers and those selling a single bike and/or box of parts/stuff, etc!

Don't miss the largest little bike swap on the East Coast!

for more info, please check or email [email protected]

cheers michael mcgettigan/trophy bikes/THE ROUND*UP USA

PS -- we're sorry that our idiot president (whom we didn't elect) is making such a mess of things.
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